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Have you ever been to the MMA event? Watched fighters as they came to the cage? Seen their muscled physiques? Or maybe you have been in some MMA gym and seen similarly fit bodies. Well that was not exception. Almost all fighters have athletic look and most of them look better than your average fitness junkie. And that is not just "in season". I mean few of them could easily enter some fitness competitions and possibly win. All year around! Perfect examples are GSP, Tyrone Woodley and Tim Kennedy.
Tim Kennedy
Tyrone Woodley
Offcourse there are exemptions but they are just confirming the rule. And they are mostly heavyweight fighters that really like to eat a bit more than they should.
Left: Roy Nelson, Right: Mark Hunt
 As for others, they got really great looking bodies. If you are questioning yourself how did they got them? What they do? And what do you need to do to be more like them? First, I can tell you what you need not to do. You don't need to closely watch your carbohydrate and fat intake. Or even protein intake for that matter. You don't need to go and workout hours on end in your fancy local gym.You don't need to do endless cardio routines on treadmill, stationary bike or rowing machine. You even don't have to jog. And surely you don't need to use performance enhancing drugs! Now I can almost hear you saying: Ok Ivan, but what I need to do?!"

..................you just need to relax...........close your eyes................imagine that your body look like you want it to look.................and let the Law of Attraction do rest of the job...............

NO MAN! (or woman)  (:
You really need to put in the work and train like you are preparing for a fight. Your aim is to become stronger, faster, more explosive and more endurable version of yourself. As you do that your body kinda take care of itself. And result is athletic body that is ready for action. The easiest and safest way to obtain that kind of body is to train with MMA Conditioning coach that creates your workouts and monitor your progress. And looky look :) I happen to be the one (and maybe only) NESTA certified MMA CONDITIONING coach in Slovenia. So If you want to get busy and train like MMA fighter, you can contact me on karacic.ivan@gmail.com or on 040 300 304. I will gladly assist.

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