petek, 28. marec 2014


It pisses me off of when I hear that someone is carelessly hurting others in training. Or when someone is trying to prove himself when he has a chance to sparr with known fighter. By going EXTRA hard on him. Injuring him in the process...
We train and sparr in the gym. But we fight in the ring or cage. Not the other way around! If you want to fight, sign up for a competition and fight. The diference between sparring and fighting is in BAD INTENTIONS. You see, when we sparr we do not try to hurt eachother. But we try to push eachother beyond our limits. So we can then adapt to the stimulus and become better. I am all for hard sparring. But I am also for soft technical sparring. There is time and place for both. Regardless the style of sparring, there must not be any of bad intentions. You must take care of your sparring partners and try to avoid injuries as much as possible. However, that does not mean that you should not throw hard punches and kicks. Or that you should not try hard to get that takedown, improve your position and secure a submission. It simply means that you do not go for the KO. You do not try to 100% blast your sparring partner. You do not try to subbmit him at all costs... Remember he is your training partner, not your enemy. And the aim of sparring is to learn. Not to win. 

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